Sabrina Wlodarski

Sabrina Wlodarski
1200 High Ridge Road
Stamford, CT 06905
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An award winning agent, I have over 17 years of residential real estate experience and a superb reputation in our community.  

Prior to the start of my real estate career in 1998, I spent 9 years as a flight attendant and then as in-flight manager with Tower Air Int'l. 

Having spent an extensive amount of time in places such as Israel, India, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, I have a good understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

In addition, I have had much experience in working with first time buyers and senior citizen real estate clients. I am always professional and caring and I understand their needs. In addition, my expertise extends to home sellers, repeat buyers, investors, relocation clients and landlord representation. 

For many years, I have been a trusted representative to a group of specialty clients who are absentee owners of properties in Stamford.  I am on the board of directors at the

Woodside Green condos in Stamford, serving as president.   My husband and I reside in the mid-ridges area of Stamford.

I truly enjoy and appreciates older homes built from the 1900's to the 1960's.  Call me 'the Vintage Home Specialist'.  
I can help you with your special property too, even if it includes a pink bathroom!

*1945 vintage tub with kitty, to bring you a smile.


Of course, I also have extensive experience in the sales of 'newer' homes and condominiums.  Please call or email me for an expert price opinion or buyer consultation at no cost or obligation to you. 





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